Welcome to Funky Stuff Gifts unique gift items shopping online

Welcome to Funky Stuff Gifts unique gift items shopping online

Welcome to Funky Stuff Gifts unique gift items shopping onlineWelcome to Funky Stuff Gifts unique gift items shopping online

Funky Stuff Gifts - A group of friends offering unique items


Vroomers Novelty Slippers

From a love a novelty slippers and the Nash Metropolitan Vroomers novelty slippers was born.  The first design was the classic car slipper, based on the Met.  From there other car and vintage travel trailer designs joined the line - and even robots (fund-raiser design for robotics programs).  


Creative Whimsies

Demaree is a jewelry and clay artist, and each item is hand created with her own unique vision.  Each piece is different from the next, and all with her unique flair.

Altered Adventures pendant light fixture

Altered Adventures

Rhonda started playing with altering vintage train cases, travel bars, canvas art, telephones ... and the next thing she knew she was selling them across the globe.  Both custom cases and pre-created theme cases are available. It's an honor and a privilege to create something for you.

More Artists

Nellie's Needle Creations logo

Nellie's designs started when she created items for a charity auction through Sisters on the Fly.   The items were a huge hit and she was asked to make her designs available for others.  From those original designs she has branched out to add other designs and continues to explore new designs and themes. 


Beyond the Barn Door


Meet Carolyn Mele – Artist Beyond the Barn Door KY

I am an artist and a full time mom of two teenage boys. Beyond the Barn Door KY shop Is my creative outlet to share my art with the world.  In the shop you will find hand crafted items that include jewelry, sea glass art , wind chimes , painted items and anything else my imagination dreams up.

I believe each one of us is destined to walk a certain path… a path meant to rub the rough edges off of us as we mature spiritually and emotionally.   That is why I love working with sea glass ( glass that Is abraded by the ocean and its sands)  the sea tumbles the glass until the rough edges are smooth and the glass has turned milky.  I feel a deep spiritual connection to the sea and it is reflected in my art.

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop, everything here is handcrafted with love.  You just never know what you will find just Beyond the barn door.

Otis is cozy and content on his Crazy Al's Snuggle Mat

Crazy Al's

Hi, my name is Alison and I love doing various crafts.  I had made some heirloom super soft blankets for some family members and had leftover yarn from the project. The cats loved to sit on the blankets while I was working so I thought - why not use the leftover yarn and make each of them a blanket. Each of the cats loved their Snuggle Mats! Even new cats we have adopted love them. So that is how the idea was born. I have also made some for small dog owners and they have loved them also! 

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